Toral Patel, CEO

Dr. Patel received her B.A. in Biology and minor in Psychology from Rutgers University, as well as her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology. She loves practicing yoga and has discovered over the years that yoga and physical therapy complement each other, creating a healing environment that focuses on the interplay between mind and body, flexibility and strength, stability and movement.

Dr. Patel believes in the power of natural remedies to alleviate pain. She is passionate about assisting people and helping them regain their active lifestyles. In 2019, the idea of opening a dispensary came to her as she witnessed many of her patients suffering from chronic pain, and she desired to do more to aid them. During her free time, Dr. Patel enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the delicious vegetarian cuisine that the East Coast has to offer.